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Falco Electronics Magnetics-based electronics components and modules products include: Telecom Magnetics, Power Inductors, Discrete Lan Magnetics, Connector Integrated Lan Magnetics (LANJACK), Power Magnetics, Power Factor Correctors, SMPS Transformers, Watt Hour Meter Current Transformers, Manufacturing facilities in Mexico, China and India.

RDI, Inc is an ISO-9001-2000 certified manufacturer with over 700 employees worldwide. RDI's 90,000 square foot Shenzhen, China manufacturing facility. RDI is a manufacturer of many products including: Audio Alerts, Piezo Audio Alerts, Speakers, Headsets, Microphones, Potentiometers, Switches, Jacks & Plugs. Cable Assembly's and Connectors & Receptacles.

Cantherm Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Ltd., manufactures and distributes bi-metal thermostats, disk thermostats, thermal fuses, thermal cut-outs, thermal cut-offs, motor protectors, temperature limiters, control thermostats, thermal sensors, NTC thermistors, PTC thermistors, NTC thermistor probes, thermostatic probes, and inrush current limiters.  The company is part of Microtherm GmbH based in Pforzheim, Germany.

BrightKing is in the circuit protection industry with products ranging from Gas Discharge Tubes to MOV, TVS, PPTC, Spark Gap, ESD and Thyristors.  BrightKing’s experience in circuit protection to provide you with efficient technical support, solution consulting, custom configurations including lead forming and cutting and electrical surge testing of your products.  Sales distribution covers Asia, North and South America, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean and Australia.